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主办单位丨Hosted by
上海出入境检验检疫协会丨Shanghai Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
上海市食品协会丨Shanghai Food Association
上海市进口食品企业协会丨Shanghai Import Food Enterprise Association
上海市酒类流通行业协会丨Shanghai Association For Liquor and Spirits Circulation
承办单位丨Organized by
北京博亚国际展览有限公司丨Beijing boya International Exhibition co.,.LTD
批准单位丨Approved by
上海市商务委员会丨Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

丨Exhibition Review
Shanghai International Food & Drinks Fair (SFDF) has been widely spread as the “link of friendship, bridge of commerce”. In May 2018, tens of thousands
of traders and customers in the field of wine and food industries from the whole world get together in Shanghai to enjoy the joy of brewing wine and sharing
sweet dishes. Shanghai is one of China's economy, transportation, science & technology, industry, finance, exhibition and shipping center as well as is the
location of the first free trade zone in mainland China-China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade. Meanwhile, Shanghai also has the title of “capital of China
exhibition” , and most international grand exhibitions were held in here. The total annual revenue of exhibition in Shanghai accounted for nearly 50% of
nationwide exhibition’s revenue. Shanghai is in possession of unique advantages to hold the International Food & Drinks Fair with a population of more
than 23 million, strong consumption ability and wide influence, and this fair could be helpful for more wine and food enterprises at home and abroad to
better grasp consumption situation and development trends, to build up a favorable communication platform. During the period of this fair, tens of
thousands of new products in the area of wine and food industries at home and abroad will be displayed in the fair and millions of professional buyers will
participate in the event, which will provide an excellent and must-coming opportunity for manufactures and sales agency enterprises at domestic to find
dealer and agent, to set up marketing system. Based in Shanghai, with the support of the massive demands of China market, SFDF will endeavor to build
the top influential event of international wine and food industries in Asia-Pacific regions.

同期活动丨Concurrent Activity
Along with Super Wine 2017, the concurrent events include “Shanghai International Wine Challenge”, etc. By organizing these activities, focusing on
high-end seminars of industry forefront, pragmatic and efficient professional buyer presentations, on-site technical exchange and communication meeting,
authoritative experts from different countries to introduce and interpret the related government regulations, etc., the organizer aims to deliver the latest and
most comprehensive industry news and information to all participants. Shanghai International Wine Challenge, led by China Food Industry Association
(Expert Committee on Wine & Cider),Which has invited many international well-known wine experts expert jury to jointly set out Chinese wine value
evaluation system, will initiate a new Chinese scoring mechanism and evaluation system in the history of the World Wine Awards. It also marks the birth of
a significant evaluation & appraisal mechanism in the field of Chinese Wine .The competition has attracted tens of thousands of world wine producers and
chateaus from more than 40 countries and regions to participated in. With strict contest standards and impartial competition mechanism, the competition
aims to build international quality wine exchange platform for each participants, in order to seek for selected wines worldwide specially for Chinese
consumer tastes as well as promote the development of wine culture in China.

参展费用丨Participation Fees
• 国际标准展位:
A:国内企业:16800.00/展期(RMB) 3m×3m
B:国外企业: 4800.00/展期(USD) 3m×3m
• 室内光地:
国外企业: 480.00(USD)/平方米/展期
• International Standard Booths:
For overseas enterprises: USD 4800/Expo; 3m×3m
Each standard booth consists of 3-sided white partitions, bilingual fascia board, 1 information counter, 2 folding chairs, fully-floored carpet, 2 arm
spotlights, 1 220V/5A power socket and 1 wastebasket.
• Indoor Raw Space:
For overseas enterprises: USD 480.00/Sq.m.
Note: The raw space (minimum 36 sq.m.) only supplies a show space excluding stand frames, show equipment, carpet and power supply, etc.
展出大类丨Major Exhibits
All kinds of Food and Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Leisure Food and Dessert, Baking Foods and Coffee, Nutraceuticals and Special Diet,
Condiment, Food Additives and Food Ingredients, Food Machinery & Packaging Technology, Hotel & Catering Franchisees, etc.

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To reserve the booth of “SFDF CHINA 2018” or learn more information, please contact:
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